Nadroop – a unique and elite dance production company. Path breaking productions and interdisciplinary works are at the core of its being. An amazing blend of virtuosity and profound belief in the rich Kathak heritage has given rise to various collaborative projects.

There is ‘Rhythm Collage’ – an amalgamation of Kathak with world music and ‘Nad-Bindu’ – a coming together of sensitivity and aesthetics of visual medium that showcases the transcendence of Kathak as a dance form. ‘Nishabda-Bheda’ explores Silence to create some intriguing aesthetics while ‘Confluence – Peed Parayee Jane Re’ – an intense blend of Kathak and Jazz, moving through the ever changing spatio-temporal settings, narrates the tale of a divinity named Kasturba.

Guru Shama Bhate has flawlessly woven the threads of traditional depths and breadths of Kathak with her own cognizance. Her efforts have always been directed at presenting the audience with productions that are ever modern, visually delightful, enriching and absolutely vibrant in their execution.

Nadroop, a school of Kathak dance, has been active in the field of performing arts for the past 27 years, under the directorship of Guru Smt. Shama Bhate. Over the years, 600 students have studied at Nadroop & many of the disciples are performing, teaching and creatively engaged in India and across the globe.

Nadroop has arranged over 60 concerts of Great Masters, organized workshops, lecture-demonstrations by eminent artistes for all-round development of its students and to propagate Indian classical music & dance in the society.

Nadroop has produced 50 dance ballets; each one unique in its concept and presentation yet deriving its ethos from Kathak. These dance ballets have been performed across India at some of the most prestigious forums viz. Sawai Gandharva, Khajuraho Festival, Kala Ghoda Festival, Ananya Festival, Kathak Mahotsav and in countries like USA, Canada, Austria, Germany, UK, Malaysia et al.

Nad-Roop is a charitable trust dedicated to the advancement of performing arts. Our principal patron, Ct. Sanat Bhate has been relentlessly supportive of our every endeavour. With an active support from our trustees Mr. Rajendra Joshi and Mrs. Vinita Kunte, Nad-Roop has associated itself with numerous musicians, artists and organisations over the past 27 years. Together, we work towards the same goal – the propagation / promotion of Indian arts. With Ms. Trupti Nanal as our programme coordinator, we look forward to expanding our horizons even further.