The Path-breaking firsts



Participated as a solo dancer with a Jazz band ‘Glimpse’, led by Trilok Gurtu.

Inclusion of silent dance pieces as ‘visual poetry’, in ‘Nishabda Bhed – Exploring Silence’.

‘Peed Parayi Jane Re’ – A production on the life story of Kasturba Gandhi, with Kathak Dance idiom, with live Jazz Orchestra.

‘Kathak Infinite’ – A quest to find infinite possibilities in the Kathak repertoire, along with a team of 60 dancers.

Incorporation of old, original recorded tracks of Bharat Ratna Lataji Mangeshkar, and Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Ji to weave a dance score in ‘Chala Vahi Des’ and ‘Nirakar Sakaar’ respectively.

A meld of 7 classical dance styles to tell the story of Mahabharata, in ‘Mahabharata Reinterpreted – Ateet Ki Parchhaiyan’.

Use of Choreographic Tools like Kathak curtains to demarcate different locales, time zones ; a memory box/cubicle to establish the past ; graphic projections – ‘Ateet Ki Parchhaiyan’

A story of Samson and Delilah – A story from the Hebrew Bible with the Jerusalem Philharmonic symphony orchestra and Nadroop Kathak ensemble.

‘Pratibimb’ (Chavni Project- Orissa) A Choreography to bring together the classical sensitivity of Kathak and the abundant vibrancy of Chhau.

A stage in the shape of ‘Chaupal’ (Ludo) for traditional Kathak presentation, in ‘Chaturang Ki Chaupal’.

A movie as narrative to establish contemporary context for ‘Echoes of inner voice’ – Exploration of five mythological/social significant characters.

Conducted workshops on Indian rhythms for Western musicians in Europe and India 1999 onwards.