Ateet ki Parchhaiyan


‘Ateet ki Parchhaiyan’

Mahabharata is an epic which portrays the full spectrum of human life – its ambitions, its aspirations and its inevitable frustration. You see it all – Extreme anguish and extreme generosity, extreme vengeance and extreme empathy, extreme frustration and extreme peace.
All the main players are at the end of their lives. They are compelled to look back and introspect…The catastrophe that has happened. Total destruction of all that was dear, valuable…! The victory is suddenly worthless and futile and the defeat equally meaningless.
Shama Bhate seeks to aesthetically meld the different forms of Indian classical dance -Kathakali, Odissi, Mohini Attam, Kuchipudi, Kathak, Bharat Natyam, Chhau with their different stylizations, costumes and even music, to tell the eternal story – that is Mahabharata, in a unique way, perhaps for the first time!!!

Padsmashri Ramli Ibrahim as Yudhishthira – Odissi
Dr. Kannan as Bheeshma – Kathakali
Vyjayanti Kashi as Kunti – Kuchipudi
Gopika Varma as Gandhari – Mohiniattam
Vaibhav Arekar as Karna – Bharatanatyam
Rakesh Sai Babu as Duryodhan – Chhau
Ameera Patankar as Draupadi – Kathak

With a Group of 15 Kathak dancers, 4 Chhau dancers & 3 Bharatanatyam dancers

Duration: 2 hours

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