Baudelaire’s Poems

Baudelaire’s Poems

As the name suggests, this choreography is based on and inspired by the poems of a world renowned French poet of the last century – ‘Charles Baudlaire’, a trilingual work – in French, English and Marathi. The selection of poems is around the central theme – ‘Beauty’. Through these poems, the choreography tries to get into the mind, psyche, and persona of this great poet. The poems describe beauty in a unique way … The beauty here is ‘energy’…as such, it could be negative or positive…Could emerge from hell or heaven…! We have the same concept ‘Vishakanyas’ in Indian mythology… The poet describes the ‘sphinx’…Indescribable by the artists of all forms …We have ‘Ganesha’-equally elusive and enigmatic…!

Kathak dance is a traditional ancient style with its particular ethos, sensitivity and aesthetics… With it, there is a high degree of symbolism and abstraction too; which serves as the common and connecting link.

The choreographic work is divided at two levels; both conceptually and physically.

One represents the ambience of the poems; the other portrays the meaning and the interpretations of the poems.

Duration – 1 Hour

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