Chala Vahi Des


Chala vahi Des

An insightful seer, a sentimental poet, an ultimate devotee or an eloquent artist…who exactly was Meera?

Meera was a committed devotee of Lord Krishna. She was not just one who steeped in Krishna bhakti but an epitome of dedicated consciousness! She spent her entire life devoted to Lord Krishna. From where did she derive the energy…sprite…inspiration…courage…? Krishna was her entire universe…a father, husband, friend, guru, brother…everything!

Through dreams and reality, through imagination, through memories, subconsciously and intuitively…she was immersed in the sublime form of Krishna! She was the one who longed for him, yearned for him… the one who was restless, who was eager to become one with him!

We salute Meera… a true personification of devotion, detachment, love, determination and commitment!

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