KRISHNA – The Liberator


KRISHNA – The Liberator

KRISHNA – The Liberator… In Indian conscience, “Krishna” is a complete personality- ‘PoornaPurush’. He is the soulmate, the saviour; the guide, the visionary and also the philosopher… He is the ‘Jagadguru’.

This is an effort to establish a contemporary context to the stories – ‘Kaliya Daman’, ‘MakhanChori’, ‘Govardhan Leela’, ‘Kansa Vadha’ and ‘Gopi Vastraharan’ – which otherwise are portrayed in a linear manner…
The situations, the problems, the sufferings of the under privileged are age old… We look for a saviour else where… But the saviour perhaps, could be found amongst us…!

Duration: 1 hours

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