Arghya – Parinati


Arghya – Parinati

‘Arghya – Parinati’ is a perception of what Shama Bhate was able to receive, comprehend and internalize while experiencing the world of Kathak around her while concentrating not only the on technique and content, but also the aesthetics and philosophy of Kathak, the art form.

‘Arghya – Parinati’ is an attempt to meet up with the challenge of retaining the core values laid down by the tradition, sticking to the classicism of the ancient classical art forms, yet presenting it to the modern age audiences. It is an attempt to present our heritage, handed down by our ancestors and maestros, as experienced over the years.

‘Arghya – Parinati’ means an effort to strike a balance between reforming with the changing sensibilities of modern times, while still retaining the classicism and aesthetics lying at the core of the ever metamorphosing performing arts.

Classical dance is often labelled as stagnant, but to us dancers, it is a rejuvenating spring of classicism…it is always termed monotonous, but for us it is a source of divine music, of eternal beauty of lines…some moments found during the process of meditating upon this contradiction…‘Arghya – Parinati’!

Arghya – Parinati is a selection of bandishes from classical composers. A spectrum of bandishes having different musical sensitivity and designs, different Ragas and different Taalas… A range of emotions and colours…
A range from classicism to dramatics…!

Duration: 40 minutes – 1 Hour

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