Peed Parayi Jane Re


Peed Parayi Jane Re

The depiction of an important historical figure from recent history, Ba Kasturba Gandhi, raises several questions for classical dancers… questions that do not appear significant when these same dancers enter the imagined world of Radha and Krishna: mythical figures whose lives and exploits shape our collective Indian consciousness. Indian dance traditions have codified the eternal lovers to an extent that makes them easily recognisable in each of the classical dance forms of India.

How then, does one convey the very human, very uplifting tale of a modern-day heroine like Kasturba, who overcame personal odds and walked the long and often difficult path to lead India into the light alongside her husband, the Father of the Nation?

She was, in the last analysis, a simple, family oriented woman whose extraordinary story is tied up with our modern history. Her emotions, her aspirations, her needs were in no way lofty, nor did she show any disposition towards being a leader of millions.

And yet, Kasturba emerges as a strong-willed individual with enough self-will to stand by her own, independent decisions; a mighty partner to the one who was one of his kinds!
Her feminine intuition, acute sensitivity and strong strength of character are shown in this choreographic piece titled…’Peed Parayi Jaane Re’.

Duration – 1 hour

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