Rhythm Collage


Rhythm Collage

At some stage a dancer or musician especially a traditional Kathak dancer, needs to seek inspiration from various sources. These help the dancer to find more and more shades, nuances, subtleties in expression, hand movements, in stances…It is like this…if one is studying different languages, the study helps one in enriching one’s expression, vocabulary, depth in one’s own language and especially one’s vision and insight. If one can be successful in doing that, the classical dance could then be a design or a series of paintings each frame talking of sheer beauty… Classical dance could be a theatrical experience or a multimedia presentation changing the dimension of mere solo classical dance presentation. Classical dance could be then a representation of silhouettes and figures like in photography. The lines in my dance discipline are very strong and I do not see any limit to the abstract expression of these lines.

Classical dance could draw inspiration from the literature world over, from the music world over. In short, Dance being a composite medium, one could highlight anyone aspect and represent a different facet every time.

I call this project ‘Rhythm Collage’ and not ‘FUSION’… that can be explained easily. Before that, I shall bring to your notice that my earlier production was also called ‘Encounter’ and not ‘Fusion’. I am a science graduate. ‘FUSION’ to me means two substances coming together to form a third substance with different qualities and characteristics. After the fusion takes place, the original substances have no independent existence, hence cannot be separated.

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