“Samanvaya” is the congruence between the traditional values, traditional wisdom and traditional sensitivity on one hand and present day modern technological approach towards life, on the other. In a way, one feels as if one is constantly standing at a cross roads of sorts..!
As we all know, the classical dance is steeped deep into tradition, and as such the dancers and dance is sometimes criticised as outdated… The content at times could be labelled as old-fashioned, but how can the values and the wisdom get old? Aren’t these entities ageless…and therefore… beyond the boundaries of space and time?
The situations, the problems, the sufferings of the under privileged are age old… We look for a saviour else where… But the saviour perhaps, could be found amongst us…!

Heritage & Sustainability

Conceived And Choreographed By ShamaBhate
Duration – 1 Hour

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