The Covid-19 pandemic created a challenge like never before-everyone confined to their homes…….. 24/7! In a world where people constantly travel for work or leisure, socialize, attend concerts, dine ,etc. This proved to be a trial !

Nadroop stood up to this unprecedented challenge, not only continuing its original activities online, but also innovating ideas and activities for the home-bound populace.

Guru Shama Bhate has always believed in developing the academic aspect of art, herself being a scholar and brilliant academician. To encourage mindful discussions, interactive series commenced :

  • QUEST FOR NEW HORIZONS – A series of interviews with senior art exponents (like Padmashree Ramlee Ibrahim, Pandit Rajendra Gangani, Pta. Vaijayanthi Kashi, Pt. Jaikishan Maharaj, Pt. Jayant Kastuar, Pt. Vaibhav Arekar, etc) on various aspects of arts for serious art practitioners with an academic approach.
  • VEDH – An interactive series with young dancers (for young dancers) exploring various aspects of performance with a changing format.
  • AVAGAHAN– A lecture series for dancers to acquire in depth knowledge about all the aspects of Kathak.
  • GAVAKSHA – A dance appreciation course conducted as an effort to sensitise and familiarise all dance lovers and curious minds with different dance forms.