Nadroop: Celebration of its Silver Jubilee Year – 2012 onwards

  • Kathak Infinite:
    a unique blend of classicism and grandeur, showcasing a wide spectrum of sixty dancers in a grand spectacle, performed in May, 2012
  • ‘Swa-Abhivyakti’:
    Seminar on Personalised Aesthetics organised by Nadroop, in association with Lalit Kala Kendra, Pune University and Ministry of Culture, showcasing 9 Kathak Artists and their performances from all over India; held on 26th , 27th , 28th Sept, 2012.
  • Confluence – Peed Parayee Jane Re:
    life story of Kasturba Gandhi unfolding through traditional Kathak and a live Austrian Jazz Orchestra, comprising of 13 Jazz musicians, performed in November 2012 at Pune and Bangalore.
  • Roop-Bandh Festival :
    a classical dance festival showcasing young accomplished dancers – held from 1st – 3rd March in association with Maharashtra Cultural Centre, Pune – in reverence to the inherent classicism, stylisation and codification that classical dance forms represent.
  • Performance tour in Austria in May 2013:
    presentation of ‘Confluence’, fusion compositions and traditional Kathak by a troupe of 15 artists, in various cities across Austria.
  • Sansmaran, August 2013 :
    Tribute to legendary Kathak Guru Mohanraoji Kallianpurkar to commemorate his birth centenary year 1985 – 2013.
    A Seminar was held, where various artists scholars, critics spoke on the various facets of the great Guru’s personality and his contribution– as a Guru, as a dancer, as a scholar, as a musician, as a composer, as a critic, etc. An exhibition featuring a compilation of numerous essays, articles written by and about Mohanraoji and rare photographs was put up. Mohanraoji was also remembered through his compositions that were restructured, reformed and presented by his disciples & various dancers from Pune.
  • Sansmaran , January 2017:
    Spreading Light Through Rohiniji’s Spirit
    A 3 day symposium on the life and works of Guru Pt. Rohiniji Bhate – Stalwarts from across India gathered to share their thoughts, experiences and work inspired by Rohiniji.

Other activities

  • Prajakta – fragile yet fragrant !: 
    An experiment of using dance therapy to help the mentally and physically underprivileged kids running successfully since 2008.
  • ‘AkhandaSwara-Laya-Nupur-Naad Shraddhanjali’:
    a 12-hour- long dance and music tribute to Guru Pt. Rohini ji Bhate on her birth anniversary, organised by NadRoop since 2009.
  • Quest for New Perspectives:
    interactive sessions with various artists like Astad Deboo, Aditi Mangaldas, Sanjukta Wagh, Janet Lily, Dr. Kannan, Lucienne Vidah for creative and innovative insights.
  • ‘Creating awareness’:
    Academic initiative for the students of dance, in collaboration with Maharashtra Cultural Centre, Pune 2014.
  • ‘Dance appreciation’:
    For TCS, Pune, at the International Convention, 2014.
    Use of Different Methodology to sensitize school children to classical dance Orchid school, Pune-2014.