Students at Nadroop, under the guidance of Guru Shama Bhate, work unitedly towards every task they undertake – Be it organizing workshops or Seminars, festivals or examinations.

We conduct regular exams for our students. Young dancers are given a platform through our Annual Programs.

We at Nadroop are open for collaborations and activities that promote Indian classical arts in society.

Some of our unique endeavours are been listed below:

  • Madame Menaka Choreography Movement-
    This movement named after Madame Menaka, is an effort to formalize, systematize the thought process, the choreographic process by interactive debates, discussions after viewing choreographic work, together with the experts from different fields and the choreographer. This was premiered in May 2018.
  • ‘Akhanda Swara-Laya-Nupur-Naad Shraddhanjali’ –
    a 12-hourlong, continuous dance and music activity dedicated to Guru Pt. Rohini ji Bhate on her birth anniversary, organised by Nadroop since 2009.
  • Prajakta –
    fragile yet fragrant: An experiment of using dance therapy to help the mentally and physically underprivileged kids running successfully since 2008.
  • Lakshya –
    Launch of ‘Solo Dance Movement’ in March 2007 in order to re-establish and popularise solo dance recitals, which were once the tradition of all Indian classical dance styles, but are now fast becoming extinct.
  • Use of Different Methodology for sensitization of school children to classical dance – Orchid school, Pune-2014.
  • ‘In Tandem’ –
    a project on the mélange of Kathak and Bharatanatyam with Deepakji Mujumdar, 2008.
  • Project for Rural children to create awareness about classical dance and music – 2008.
  • ‘Intrigue’ –
    project with George Brooks — renowned Jazz musician from the US creating music and dance pieces, July 2004.